Safety Highlights

  • 爬墙思路总结 | Jeffin's Blog:2021-11-22 · 当你在爬墙的时候,这个VPS就是一个中间桥梁的角色,所有你的网络请求,先发向VPS,VPS得到请求后,进行转发,去访问你想要的网络地址;网络上返回的数据也是通过VPS,然后再返回到你的本地电脑上。
  • Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault Reporting Under Title IX
  • Responding to an Active Shooter
  • Heroin FAQ [PDF]
  • Citizen Police Academy

  • UPD-Related University Policies

  • 爬墙
  • 6.2 Prohibited Items and Activities during Events
  • 6.3 University Security Camera System
  • 科学爬墙

  • About UPD

  • Mission Statement
  • Policy Manual
  • 爬墙,进行访问
  • Complaint Overview
  • Annual Report [PDF]
  • Constitutional Policing
  • Ideal Officer
  • Organizational Chart
  • 爬墙,进行访问
  • Job Opportunities
  • Compliments, Suggestions, and Complaints


The University Police Department is dedicated to providing service in keeping with our focus on Community Policing. We are here 24 hours a day, every day working to maintain and improve the safety, security, and quality of life within our community.

Note: Parking and related issues are handled by the Office of Parking and Mass Transit Services. Questions and comments regarding parking and parking ticket issues should be taken to that office. As always UPD will happily assist with blocked vehicles and blocked handicapped access issues.

For roadway and travel information throughout all of New York State see the 511 NY page. This page gives information on Roadways (construction delays, accidents, etc.), Busses, Trains, Airports and more.


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